After doing all this things for the environment for the last week I’ve realized the important of my actions and I’m really trying to influence people surrounding me to do the same. It’s not big deal to do them but if we all collaborate we will actually be benefiting our world. I am really comitted to this new life style and I hope to do even more things to become greener throughout time. It’s been an awesome experience.

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helping more

The things I’ve been doing are quite simple and can really make a difference so today  I decided to try something new. Today at school I picked up the trash I saw were thrown all around the cafeteria and put them in their corresponding trash can according if they were  plastic, aluminum or if they were organic. Some guys stared at me as if i was a weirdo but I don’t mind at all. I know what I’m doing is important and necessary.

  (not precisely at school but for you to get the idea… haha)

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save energy

Today i decided that we not only need to save water but the save electric energy, so i started to unplug all the electronic devices that weren´t been used, because in my house normally everything remains plugged- in. No matter the devices are turned off they still consume a bit of energy and added up they consume a considerable amount. My sisters complained about they having to plug in and unplugging their computer, the t.v., their cellphone charger, etc. I’m not sure they’ll do what I’m doing but I won’t surrender.

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new ways of becoming green

Today for breakfast my mother was missing some eggs, she asked to go to the grocery store to buy some, I was about to get into the car when i realized the OXXO was 2 blocks away so I decided to use my bike instead of using the car. My mother was surprised by my decision and she congratulated me, I felt really proud of myself.

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Invitation for my family to help

Today i asked my sisters and my parents to do the same i was doing in order to save some water, I was surprised when my father said he had been doing the same day I started to. My sisters thought my idea was kind of weird but they didn’t oppose and they said they were glad to contribute in something. I felt incredibly happy because i was influencing my family in a positive way.

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i keep saving water…

Today i put a bucket again while i waited the water to get hot, but today i was very pleased for this new habit I’m trying to impose in my life, it makes me feel awesome knowing that the water I’m saving is useful for the maid for cleaning the house.

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Lets save water!!!

Today was the first day I started doing something for our planet. My first goal was to save the water that usually wastes while i wait for the water to get hot before I shower. I put a bucket and after 3 minutes the bucket was half full, that made me very mad because of so many years that I had let the water waste.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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